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IP65 LED Tri-proof Lighting Fixtures Factory 60W LED Waterproof Lighting

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The LED Tri-proof linear light application, advantages, protection standards and features and specification 

1. Applications Of LED Tri-proof Lights
2. Advantages Of LED Tri-proof Lights
4. Protection Standard Of LED Tri-proof Lights
5. Features Of LED Tri-proof Lights
6. Specifications Of LED Tri-proof Lights
7. How To Install An LED Tri-proof Lights?
8. How To Test Your LED Tri-proof Lights?
9. How Many Types Of Tri-proof Lights Are There?
10. How To Choose The Right LED Tri-Proof Lights?

All the applications cannot be mentioned here, therefore, only a few main applications are listed below:

✓Parking garage


✓Railway station




✓Exhibition hall


✓Cold Storage


✓Subway Station

✓Food Industry



✓Car washing spaces

✓Workshop & Warehouse lighting, etc.

The advantages of the led tri-proof linear lights:

1) Energy Consumption Is Very Low

When using traditional lighting, you may also face a lot of electricity bills due to the highest energy consumption. This case is quite opposite in LED tri-proof lights. They consume very low energy hence reducing electricity bills as well. According to researchers, LED tri-proof lights can save up to 80% of energy and hence a very cost-effective solution.

2) Minimal Maintenance with Higher Durability

When you buy from famous brands, you will mostly get products having good features but high maintenance. It can also cost you a lot of money on their maintenance. However, you can buy LED tri-proof lights that have very low maintenance with excellent durability.

3) Environment-Friendly

LED tri-proof lights are highly environment friendly and the best solution of the time. Unlike traditional incandescent bulbs, LED tri-proof lights don’t emit harmful radiation into the environment. They can easily withstand harsh environments. Harmful radiation can be a way to increase global warming but LED tri-proof lights can easily overcome this issue.

4) Installation Possible In Multiple Ways

When you buy an LED tri-proof light, you don’t need to worry about its installation like traditional lighting products. It is due to their multiple ways of installation. You can choose from ceiling mounted installation method and a suspended-mounted installation method.

5) Anti Glare Lighting

Traditional incandescent bulbs produce anti-glare lighting. This can produce discomfort as well as fatigue ness among people working under the lighting. It can cause safety and health issues for your workers. However, you can see a very opposite case in LED tri-proof lights. These lights can give you anti-glare lighting with uniformity. You will be able to get warm and soft light through it.

6) Robust Design Structure

LED tri-proof lights have specially designed robust structures with tri-proof fixtures due to their material composition. They are composed of shockproof & anti-corrosion materials. Moreover, they have a perfect IP rating standard that can save it from corrosion, humidity, and dust. Hence, they have sealing treatment preventing them from damages due to any such material.

The features of the led tri-proof linear light: 

✓Energy-efficient and cost-effective solution.

✓Dustproof, corrosion-proof, & Waterproof

✓Wider Applications

✓Can be installed in ceiling mounted form or suspending mounted form

✓Higher protection standards against any three materials such as water, dust, and corrosion.

✓Integrated structure

Model No. Dimension Carton (mm) Power Lumen(lm) Efficiency(lm/w) Lumen Net Weight (KG/PC) QTY (Ctn/PC) Gross Weight (KG/Ctn)
ML-600 630x300x290 20W 2,570 lm(Opal)
2,780 lm(Clear)
2570lm 0.93 9 9.6
ML-600 630x275x305 30W 3,850 lm(Opal)
4,175 lm(Clear)
3850lm 1.11 6 7.6
ML-1200 1230x300x290 30W 3,850 lm(Opal)
4,175 lm(Clear)
3850lm 1.68 9 16.9
ML-1200 1230x300x290 40W 5,176 lm(Opal)
5,580 lm(Clear)
5176lm 1.68 9 16.9
ML-1200 1230x275x305 50W 6,430 lm(Opal)
6,990 lm(Clear)
6430lm 2.1 6 14.4
ML-1500 1530x300x200 60W 7,750 lm(Opal)
8,210 lm(Clear)
7750lm 1.98 6 13.7
ML-1500 1530x405x210 70W 9,010 lm(Opal)
9,750 lm(Clear)
9010lm 2.78 6 18.6

Now that you are aware of each and every detail of LED tri-proof lights, you can make a better decision. If you are planning to order the led tri-proof lights, pls contact us freely.